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Strong Foundation

Backed by more than a decade of experience in providing the total suite of cutting-edge engineering and construction services for various industries, HISE (Heat Integrate Static Equipment) has come a long way to be recognised as a reputable industry player in middle east

Our comprehensive workshop facilities, certifications that have met the highest standards, as well as accreditations by various statutory, regulatory and professional bodies, are a testament to the top quality assurance which we provide. Building on this foundation, we will continue to raise quality and service standards to greater heights to ensure clients’ total satisfaction.

Total Quality Management

Through the years, HISE has honed our niche of providing state-of-the-art, total engineering and construction solutions via our total quality management approach to satisfy the needs of our clients from diverse industries.

The wide range of successful projects we have completed, including structural steel, piping and mechanical works, as well as supply of skilled workforce for the power generation and oil and gas industries, aptly reflects our commitment to total quality management.

To become the industry leader renowned for spearheading the total suite of one-stop, total engineering and construction solutions to raise infrastructural perfection to greater heights.


  • To provide the most efficient, sustainable and reliable engineering and construction services, guided by our total quality management approach.

  • To strive for continuous technological innovations so as to power our clients' infrastructural needs with the most advanced, state-of-the-art systems and achieve greater efficiency.

  • To engage our clients actively and uphold a personalised approach in project management, thus surpassing clients’ expectations and achieving service excellence.

  • To develop the best talents for the industry by enhancing professionalism, fostering commitment and inculcating a can-do spirit among our staff.

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