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HISE provides a comprehensive selection of boiler repair services. 


Our services include:

  • Retubing – Partial or complete retubing for watertube and firetube boilers.

  • Welding & fabrication – All welding repairs; boiler shell plate, tubesheets, headers, staybolts, handholes / manholes, faceplates, doors, breechings & supports. Pipe fabrication of steam, water & gas piping to ASME and/or API code, X-Ray quality welding.

  • Appurtenances, Auxiliaries & Fittings – Safety, blowdown, stop & check valves; gauges, test connections, water column piping, feed pumps, cutoffs, preheaters and backflow preventers.

  • Refractory – Firebrick chambers, burner tile, venturi rings, dry oven rings and all refractory repairs.

  • Thermal & Acoustic Insulation – Mineral wool blanket & pipe covers, calcium magnesium silicate (CMS) repairs for interior & exterior of boiler. 

  • Mixing Valves – Rebuilding or replacement.


A clean boiler saves you money, because it burns more efficiently and lasts longer. HISE has always stressed the importance of regular and complete boiler cleaning as part of its clients’ ongoing preventive maintenance and fuel-efficiency programs. 


Our boiler cleaning services include:

  • Boiler fireside, flue and chimney base cleaning

  • High-powered truck mounted vacuum system

  • Dry-ice (CO2) Blasting – Deep Tube Cleaning

  • Chemical Cleaning of Tube Internal Walls

  • Re-gasketing / re-lining of access doors

  • Repair / Replace door fasteners

  • Sending notification/reminder for scheduled cleanings.



Your current boiler system can benefit from a burner retrofit, control upgrade supplemental heat recovery equipment or fuel conversion which can all serve to increase efficiency or reduce emissions.

The retrofitting and upgrading method to be adopted should be decided based on the results of inspection and design review.

HISE can evaluate your current boiler unit and recommend the right upgrade or retrofit package for your system.

Some of the retrofits services provided by HISE include:

  • Engineered improvements, modifications and solutions

  • Heat transfer surface and other pressure part replacement

  • Supply of piping systems, such as attemperators and drains

  • Burner repair and addition

  • Tube leak retrofit

  • Expansion bellow upgrade & retrofit

  • Duct and casing and liner upgrades

  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and CO system addition and replacement

  • Gas & Acoustic baffle modifications

  • Performance efficiency improvements

  • Steam-quality improvements

  • Turnkey demolition and installation services.

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