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Based on our experience, many users of boiler units have never been properly trained. To meet productivity targets and emissions regulations, it is crucial to operate and monitor the essential equipment in the right way every day. 

By conducting on-site personnel training seminars which can be tailored for specific site requirements and providing the services of technical personnel to assist our clients’ operations teams in unit start-up, we have been able to ensure that all operating procedures are properly and efficiently implemented.


Below are the training programs that HISE can provide to suit our clients’ schedule:

  • Thermal Review of Boiler

  • Codes / Pressure Parts

  • Component Engineering

  • Improvements

  • Life / Age Analysis

  • Damage Mechanisms

  • Water Chemistry

  • Impact of Operation

  • Formulating Strategy

  • Preventive & Reactive Maintenance

  • Inspection Techniques

  • Integrity Tool

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