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Power and Industrial Boiler 


With more than 30 years of combined experience in managing a wide array of power plant projects, the team in our power generation division is known for delivering impeccable engineering, fabrication, construction, inspection, repair, maintenance and refurbishment services for thermal power plants, co-generation power plants, combined-cycle power plants.

Coupled with our expertly engineered upgrading solutions to lower emissions for all boiler systems and offer greater fuel efficiency, we have the parts and maintenance solutions needed to keep your boiler system operating safely and reliably at its peak condition, whether you are running a HRSG / Boiler from all manufacturer.



HISE provides inspection resources, technology and software to provide the most thorough and comprehensive boiler inspections unlike any other boiler inspection company.

HISE will provide the plant O&M team the ability to PRIORITIZE and MONITOR corrective action, tracking the status of all repair recommendations. HISE will provide detailed reports with analysis and predictive failure information to determine an accurate current and future state of their boiler systems, and repair recommendations to help minimize unscheduled (forced) outages. HISE ensures its clients a thorough and proper inspection is done on every outage, scheduled or unscheduled. And finally, HISE ensures repairs are done correctly with no “short cut” that would jeopardize the boiler integrity.


Type of Boilers Include

  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)

  • Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler

  • Waste to Energy Boiler / Incinerator

  • Balance of Plant

  • Industrial Boiler

  • Coal Fired Conventional Boiler

  • Oil Fired Conventional Boiler

  • Once Through Boiler

  • Oil Heater

  • Tubular Type Heat Exchange

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