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Regardless of the ancillary equipment required by your boiler  system, every part you need is available through the spare parts division of HISE. Each part we offer is engineered and manufactured specifically to suit the original specifications of your equipment.


HISE is dedicated to providing our clients with replacement parts of the highest quality delivered in a timely manner. To benefit our clients, HISE maintains a variety of stock items. These parts are available for immediate delivery, and on very short notice.

Trust us to supply the exact replacement parts you need. You will never go wrong with our professional product knowledge. Not only can we supply OEM replacement parts such as valves, gaskets and tubes, we also provide a wide range of specialty replacement parts and upgrade items.


Just let us know the parts you require.

  • Fin Tubes

  • Spray System including Valves

  • Control Valves

  • Gate, Check, Globe, Ball Valves

  • Motor-operated Valves

  • Manway and Handhole Assemblies

  • Demisters and Steam Drum Internals

  • Bundles, Headers, Tubes, Piping / Fittings

  • Expansion Bellows / Joints

  • Stack Dampers and Diverter Dampers

  • Level Gauges and Electronic Level Indicators

  • Strainers and Steam Traps

  • Instruments, Transmitters, Thermocouples and Thermowells

  • Silencer

  • Pipe Hanger & Supports​

  • Pre-fabricated Piping

  • Pumps

  • Burners and BMS Systems

  • SCR Systems

  • Environmental Controls & Instrumentation

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